Dr. Nick Kuzmanovski is a highly skilled and dedicated practitioner of the healing arts. I have worked with a number of physical therapists in the past, some of whom were very good, but his treatment and educational guidance about health are clearly beyond my previous experience. I thought I had a quite serious injury in my hip which was hurting a lot and restricting my activity greatly. I was amazed that after one session with Dr. Nick, it felt much better. In fact it felt so good that I was not cautious and aggravated the injury playing basketball a couple of days later. Fearing I had set myself back greatly, I went to see him again, and thankfully he also was able to eliminate most of the pain and start me on an regimen of exercise and other treatments which have strengthened me considerably with flexibility. When I leave my sessions with Dr. Nick, I am always feeling noticeably. better, and mostly really good! Besides the obvious benefit of feeling better, I am also feeling much more hopeful about recovering vibrant health and full activity, so that also contributes to the feeling of well-being.