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Corporate Office

Although sitting stationary in front of a computer all day may not seem like a high risk activity, it does have adverse effects on the spine and joints. Your employees may be living with aching pains and might be unsure of the cause or that it can be fixed.

On top of it, most employees simply don’t have the time between a busy work-life balance to seek treatment. That is where we come to the rescue!

Find out today about how Muscle Fix Mobile can help your hardest working employees feel relief and feel productive; In and Out of the Office.

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Find out how Muscle Fix Mobile can help provide body work to your workers to reduce claims and improve mobility and ergonomics

Reduce Workers Comp Claims
Saves 75% of time employees spend to go to a clinic to receive care.
High End Patient Experience
Preventative and Ergonomic Education
Improved Productivity
Employee Retention and Engagement Benefit
Lowers Healthcare costs
Turn-key solution for employers, requiring less then 1 hour of HRs time to implement
shoulder pain massage

Gym/Fitness Center

Train Hard and Train Smart – Maximise your gains! Everyone knows Recovery is just as important as your workouts.

Find out how muscle fix mobile can help your clients and members achieve their goals by allowing for an expedited recovery which will let you hit the gym all the harder, sooner.

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Residential Building

Love thy Neighbor

Find out how muscle fix mobile can come to your residential building today. We are willing to setup shop in courtyards, rec rooms and other mutual areas.

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