Muscle Fix Mobile at your front door

We show up to your front door so youre able to recover and rejuvenate within the comfort of your own home!

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Muscle Fix Mobile at Home (or park or gym or anywhere!)

This is our premier, concierge service where we come TO YOU! You get to experience the full benefits of a Muscle Fix Recovery Session in the comfort of your own home or location of choice! We bring our Doctor in a Box Muscle Fix Kit, luxurious leather massage table, essential oils and a plethora of other goodies to make you feel like a million dollars!

What people say about us


Immediately after my first treatment, I was already in a significant less amount of pain. I felt free to move and the normal activities like sitting and walking around were virtually pain free. I was diagnosed with severe muscle spasms and scoliosis by doctors before but wasn’t very into the treatment processes. After our session, I decided to lay out in the sun and very quickly fell asleep because of how relaxed my muscles were. I honestly don’t think I have been that pain free in years, and I am only 20 years old. The cupping process was a little freaky for me, and I refused to see pictures until after it was done because it felt so good and I didn’t want to scare myself. But it’s not scary its amazing!!! I can’t wait for our next session. Thank you!


Doctor Nick exceeded all of my expectations. He target all the spots that I needed and more. I had the best sleep I had in a long time. When I worked out today I attacked a lot of workouts that I struggled in with complete ease. Truly incredible work. I definitely locked him in for a monthly session. Highly highly recommend. You won’t regret it!


Dr. Nick Kuzmanovski is a highly skilled and dedicated practitioner of the healing arts. I have worked with a number of physical therapists in the past, some of whom were very good, but his treatment and educational guidance about health are clearly beyond my previous experience. I thought I had a quite serious injury in my hip which was hurting a lot and restricting my activity greatly. I was amazed that after one session with Dr. Nick, it felt much better. In fact it felt so good that I was not cautious and aggravated the injury playing basketball a couple of days later. Fearing I had set myself back greatly, I went to see him again, and thankfully he also was able to eliminate most of the pain and start me on an regimen of exercise and other treatments which have strengthened me considerably with flexibility. When I leave my sessions with Dr. Nick, I am always feeling noticeably. better, and mostly really good! Besides the obvious benefit of feeling better, I am also feeling much more hopeful about recovering vibrant health and full activity, so that also contributes to the feeling of well-being.


I had 3 sessions with muscle fix mobile and its the best investment I have made for myself. As a dancer who’s consistently putting pressure and tension on the body , I knew I needed to seek help for my muscle aches and pains . muscle fix mobile came through with the cure !! I highly recommend muscle fix mobile to any one curious in cupping and or looking for a great new way to heal one self holistically!


I absolutely loved my first experience here! I have to say, I do recommend having the cupping session after your workout because it did effect my potential to lift as heavy or as much as I wanted to. It also made me feel a lot thirstier than usual. I’m down a gallon and a half (I usually finish a gallon of water per day). However, I feel great and I would, for sure, do this again! Thank you again for an amazing experience and fixing me where I was hurting the most!


My wife and I recently had our first treatment sessions with Dr. Nick and we’d love to share our experience. I often work long office hours during the week and Dr. Nick was able to accommodate my busy schedule by seeing me at my office. He was extremely knowledgeable and professional during both of our sessions. It’s easy to get lost in work sometimes, but Dr. Nick made sure to highlight the importance of self care so that we can continue to work at our best. I’d recommend Dr. Nick for anything from minor aches and pains to serious sports injuries. My wife and I now plan to incorporate treatments with Dr. Nick into our monthly routine to maintain optimal health.